Iroki Docs

Styling options

The first row of the mapping file tells Iroki what aspects of the tree that you want to style.

The first column of the first row must always be name.

The above mapping file has all the options currently supported by Iroki. Here they are again:

There are options for styling labels (leaf_label_color, leaf_label_font, leaf_label_size), leaf dots (leaf_dot_color, leaf_dot_size), branches (branch_width, branch_color), and for renaming nodes (new_name).

If you have anything in the first row of your mapping file that is not one of these options, Iroki will let you know about it.

Note that you should only include the styling labels that you actually want to use in your mapping file. This is because Iroki will take whatever is in the mapping file and lock those options in the viewer. For example, if I have leaf_label_color in my header row, then Iroki will lock the option for "Show leaf labels?" to on.