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Newick trees

Iroki reads Newick formatted trees. This is a widely used format for storing phylogenetic and other types of trees in plain text.

Here is an example of a tree with bootstrap support values. In this case, the support values run from 0 - 1, but depending on your tree building software, they might run from 0 - 100, or look super neat like this 95.6/100 if you used IQ-TREE.

Knowing which type of bootstrap support values your tree has will be important if you want to use the inner dots to represent bootstrap support.

((geode:1, (clock:0.5, tire:5.3)0.4:2)0.75:6, (banana:1.7, eggplant:1.5)0.5:3);

You can download this tree here.

This tree will look like this when viewed with Iroki.

Tiny tree with bootstraps

For the rest of the examples, we will use this tree.